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About Essex County Medical Society

This is a picture of the medallion worn by the President of the Essex County Medical Society and is passed down to the new incoming President each year at our Annual Dinner Meeting, held in December. The medallion was made by the Old Gold Shop and was presented in 1957 to the then Essex County Medical Society's president, Dr. J. G. Campbell, by the then Ontario Medical Association's president, Dr. M. S. Douglas.


A Brief History of the Essex County Medical Society

The Essex County Medical Society came into being in December 1913, as Successor to the Windsor Medical Society. The exact date of organization of the earlier group is in doubt; but it seems likely that it originated about the year 1870. The pioneer in organizing this Society was Dr. Richard Carney, a graduate of Bellevue Medical College, New York City, as well as the University of Toronto. Upon graduation from the latter University in 1869 Dr. Carney came to Windsor. Assisted by Dr. C. E. Casgrain, who had commenced practice in 1856, and Dr. John Coventry who came to Windsor in 1866, the Windsor Medical Society was organized.

Following several active years, the Windsor Medical Society finally fell into a state of lethargy. It was revitalized in 1905 by Dr. J. W. Brien, who had set up practice the previous year in Windsor. About the year 1911, the Ontario Medical Association passed a resolution suggesting to the various Medical Societies of the province that they reorganize into County or District Societies. Membership in the County Society was to be a prerequisite to membership in the Provincial Association. Following this suggestion the Windsor Medical Society was expanded into the Essex County Medical Society in December 1913, with Dr. J. W. Brien as the first president, and with an initial membership of 18 to 20 doctors. This Society has from that time remained active, and at the present time the number of members exceeds 460.

taken from '75 Years of Dedication' by Dr. John Fry


Honorary President
Dr. Andrea Steen


Past President

Dr. Jennifer Bondy



Dr. Jessica Summerfield


1st Vice President
Dr. Vikesh Maraj


2nd Vice President


Dr. Anne-Marie Beaudet


2nd year of 2
Dr. Corina Velehorschi

1st year of 2
Dr. Nikesh Adunuri
Dr. Suzana Buac

First Five Year Director
Dr. Dema Kadri


County Rep.
Dr. Alex Shen


Dr. Deborah Hellyer


OMA Director
Dr. Albert Ng


Dr. Tim O’Callahan
Dr. Roxanna Rivetna
Dr. Tamara Siddall
Mrs. Shauna Carter - Nurse Practitioner


1914  Dr. J. W. Brien

1915  Dr. F. MacLennan

1916  Dr. J. Gow

1917  Dr. L. G. McCabe

1918  Dr. C. W. Hoare

1919  Dr. J. W. Beasley

1920  Dr. W. C. Doyle

1921  Dr. U. J. Durocher

1922  Dr. W. MacDonald

1923  Dr. O. Teeter

1924  Dr. J. F. Campbell

1925  Dr. R. D. Morand

1926  Dr. C. Fuller

1927  Dr. P. Poisson

1928  Dr. J. Young

1929  Dr. R. B. Robson

1930  Dr. G. Laing

1931  Dr. J. P. Austin

1932  Dr. H. C. Crassweller

1933  Dr. A. H. C. Trottier

1934  Dr. G. White

1935  Dr. F.A. Brockenshire

1936  Dr. F. Adams

1937  Dr. D. Wigle

1938  Dr. G. Lewis

1939  Dr. S. M. Asselstine

1940  Dr. F. R. Guest

1941  Dr. J. T. Robert

1942  Dr. J. Davies

1943  Dr. H. B. Smith

1944  Dr. H. H. Lees

1945  Dr. C. R. Weber

1946  Dr. E. K. Lyon

1947  Dr. N. A. McCormick

1948  Dr. W. M. Master

1949  Dr. R. E. Holmes

1950  Dr. N. MacDonald

1951  Dr. G. A. McTague

1952  Dr. M. S. Douglas

1953  Dr. W. R. Waddell

1954  Dr. A. H. Lyon

1955  Dr. E. Beuglet

1956  Dr. W. M. Wilson

1957  Dr. J. G. Campbell

1958  Dr. B. Luborsky

1959  Dr. H. B. Hough

1960  Dr. G. E. Turner

1961  Dr. M. A. Lever

1962  Dr. M. F. McGavin

1963  Dr. A.F.Taylor

1964  Dr. G. George

1965  Dr. J. S. Young

1966  Dr. S. Goldenberg

1967  Dr. E. A. Roemmele

1968  Dr. J. D. Stewart

1969  Dr. J. M. Schulde

1970  Dr. F. G. DeMarco

1971  Dr. J. A. Taylor

1972  Dr. I. Strathman

1973  Dr. J. H. Maus

1974  Dr. B. H. Dunn

1975  Dr. G. L. Henderson

1976  Dr. T. B. Robson

1977  Dr. S. Oleksiuk

1978  Dr. W. L. Romano

1979  Dr. J. R. Greenaway

1980  Dr. M. H. Bull

1981  Dr. R. W. Johnson

1982  Dr. M. Dietrich

1983  Dr. W. W. Wren

1984  Dr. R. E. McGirr

1985  Dr. P. Tadros

1986  Dr. M. R. O’Neil

1987  Dr. T. F. Draisey

1988  Dr. T. H. Echlin

1989  Dr. J. D. Wonham

1990  Dr. E. J. Zarzour

1991  Dr. R. K. Macleod

1992  Dr. F. S. DeMarco

1993  Dr. G. Ing

1994  Dr. S. Radin

1995  Dr. A. D. F. Kidd

1996  Dr. I. D. McLeod

1997  Dr. C. C. S. Lau

1998  Dr. F. L. Netherton

1999  Dr. T. J. Barnard

2000  Dr. D. J. Hellyer

2001  Dr. H. B. Desai

2002  Dr. A. P. Ng

2003  Dr. H. F. Adams

2004  Dr. D. J. Paterson

2005  Dr. J. A. Shaban

2006  Dr. R. M. Chetty

2007  Dr. A. R. Steen

2008  Dr. A. E. Glanz

2009  Dr. N. C. Krayacich

2010  Dr. G. A. Hasen

2011  Dr. A. Kadri

2012  Dr. J. Warwaruk

2013  Dr. J. Warwaruk

2014  Dr. J. Perry

2015  Dr. T. O’Callahan

2016  Dr. A. Bagga

2017  Dr. A. Bagga

2018  Dr. M. Zayouna

2019  Dr. Padmaja Naidu

2020  Dr. Jennifer Bondy